Treacherous Love

Treacherous Love


, on-hold, read-2019

In the final installment of the Pirate’s Bluff series, Bluff and Whitley’s love will be tested like never before.

The fight for her heart will decide the battle.

The same power Captain Stede and the Siren Queen so desperately desire is the secret to Whitley and Bluff's survival. Too bad using it sucks the life from Whitley’s soul. So first, they must uncover how to use it without destroying them both.

Deep into the swamps near New Orleans, they must track down the witch that made the prophecy and hope another betrayal isn't right around the corner. 

Both allies and knowledge will be necessary as they prepare for the final battle against an army of sirens and the most sadistic pirate of their time. One slip, and Whitley will be back under the control of the Siren Queen and Bluff will have no hope against his prophesied destiny to be the slave of a slave. 

Title:Treacherous Love
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    Treacherous Love Reviews

  • Joanna Harris

    Great ending to a fun trilogy. This one gets rather intense as Whitley and Bluff fight to survive against all odds. The Siren Queen gets down right horrible and things get rather grim. Love it when yo...

  • John Leo

    Nice one love every page of it...

  • Stephanie - Books Less Travelled

    I really enjoyed the first two books, so I am so excited to have enjoyed this one! I received a copy from the author, this does not affect my voluntary review. It's always a struggle for me to pick up...

  • Christy Hancock

    Great action packed ending.A fantastic conclusion to an epic pirate adventure. I loved the characters in this series especially Bluff and Whitley. Bingo was a favorite also. What they went through (an...

  • Ashlee Olson

    This was a terrific ending to a really great series. I loved the first two and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s a very intense story as the main characters have to fight to survive. An adventure u...

  • Stacey Trombley